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Olga Totochenko

I first stepped on the mat back in February 2011, and shortly after through a lucky coincidence I was introduced to Ashtanga by a brilliant teacher who had just brought Ashtanga practice from Mysore to Ukraine.
The spark of yoga was ignited, and ever since the practice constituted a part of my daily routine and exploration of physical, emotional, energetic and mental levels of being.
At some point I felt the need to share and started to teach Mysore and Led classes in 2015 in Kiev. Still very grateful for the warm and cordial community.

The need to understand better and build a closer connection to the method of Ashtanga drove me to begin my studies in the Ashtanga research Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore in 2017, where I first met my Indian teacher Sharath R.Jois. Over the course of three winters that I spent there practicing, my respect for the method and the valuable instruments that it offers, has grown, and in February 2019 I was granted the blessing to become an authorized teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. It felt, and still feels like a big fortune, but also as a responsibility, and I only hope to be a worthy transmitter of the knowledge of yoga I’ve gained.
I also studied Ayurveda, Philosophy and Sanskrit chants, that allowed me to see the common ground of all seemingly different cultures and mystic schools, and to understand roots of Yoga better.

India has a power to bring worlds together, and one of the magic encounters I’ve had there is with Angela Jamison, a senior teacher, who invited me for a summer of 2019 as a teaching apprentice to her well-established shala in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More than being a real, caring and luminous teacher, she showed me the importance of staying always a student to bring novelty and intuition to your work and practice.

I’m also deeply grateful to all the wonderful Yoga teachers I’ve had the opportunity to meet and study with.

My main wish is to build a safe space for practice in the class, by offering everything I had the good fortune to learn from my teachers, meeting the person where they are, and adapting the practice according to their need and situation, without any dogma or judgement.